Saturday, December 11, 2010

History of Ahir Community

"Ahir" (Sanskrit Abhira अभीर "fearless"). is a Hindu caste, which is subgroup of Yadav."Ahir" may also be derived from "ābhīr"which means cowherd .

There are also Hindu and Sikh clan of Aheers/Ahirs among Gujjar,Rajputs and Jats of Punjab, India.Heer (clan) of Jats are assosiated with Ahir Clan, according to genealogical table it came under Chandarvanshi Aryans.[8] Aheer is also a principal Muslim Jat clan found in various regions of Pakistan. Heer and Ahir hold a number of Jatt villages after their clan name both in Eastern and Western Punjab. Sir Denzil Ibbetson, in his book ‘Punjab Castes’ (published in 1883) has mentioned the Total population of Heer Jats as 23,851 (21,281 in British Territory and 2,570 in Native States Province). He has written that of the total number shown, 5812 was entered as Ahir, of whom 2786 were in Hoshiarpur. Further he has mentioned that ‘Aheer’ is merely another way of spelling ‘Heer’. Somehow they retained themselves as Aheer Jats, instead of Ahirs by caste.

Greek historians' reference of Abisares are thought to be of Abhira Chief.Max Muller, Christian Lassen, Mrs. Manning and many others have identified Abhira to be Ophir of Bible, which is the name of a country and also the name of a tribe.Moreover as per Ghirshman, the Kushan King Heraus (Heraios) sat on their throne in about 20 B.C. also belongs to this clan. There are compelling proofs of both Mauryan and Guptas being Abhirs.

In the opinion of Dr. Budh Prakash,the name of the State of Haryana may have been derived from Abhirayana, its ancient inhabitants having been Ahirs.Ahirs ruled the whole of Haryana under the Mogul rule and later were declared as independent kings.

Devat Bodar - History

Devat Bodar (around 900 AD - 1025AD) was an important person with the help of whom, RaNavghan, King of Junagadh and father of Rakhengar, had taken the throne of Junagadh. Devat Bodar sacrified his own son "Uga" to save RaNavghan from solanki king who de-throned and killed, RaDiyas, father of RaNavghan. Maid of RaDiyas handed little child(RaNavghan) of RaDiyas to Devat Bodar.

Devat Bodar promised that he will do whatever it takes protect RaNavghan and to give back his kingdom of Junagadh. Devat Bodar raised RaNavghan and his own son Uga together till they reached at the age of 12. Someone informed King Solanki about that RaNavghan had been raised by Devat Bodar. Devat Bodar was brought to King's Court and was asked that whether the information is true or not. Devat Bodar understood the situation and replied positively. King asked him to bring RaNavghan. Devat Bodar brings his own son instead of RaNavghan. As no one knows who is RaNavghan and who is Uga, King tested him, by asking him to kill RaNavghan(who was actually Uga) by his own hands. Devat Bodar cuts off the head of his son, to prove that to King that he was not his son but was RaNavghan. King was still not satisfied.

So, he asked to bring Devat Bodar's wife Sonal and asked her to remove eyes from the head of dead Uga, keep it on ground, and walk on that eyes, without dropping even one drop of tear from her own eyes. As, it was such a cruel and hard test for a mother, but Sonbai did that to prove that he was not her son. Finally, King comes to a conclusion that person whose head was cut off was RaNavghan. After that 10 years passed away, RaNavghan was young now. Devat Bodar who was leader of his caste, Bodar(Ahir), called his fellow Bodar(Ahir) to fight against King Solanki to de-throne him and give throne of Junagadh to RaNavghan, son of RaDiyas.

Ahir caste warriors who are still known for his valour and bravery fights a severe battle with King Solanki. Atlast, Solanki losses the battle. RaNavghan was throned as King of Junagadh. "Ra" dynasty comeback as a ruling dynasty with the help of Bodar(Ahir) Today there is two wells constructed by RaNavghan is still there in Junagadh UpperKot fort.